Administering The Estate – Protecting Yourself

A Grant of Probate and/or Grant of Administration is obtained from the Surrogate Court. A Grant of Probate is granted by the Surrogate Court when an individual dies with a Will in place. It validates the Will and the authority of the Personal Representative (this is the new term for "executor") in such capacity to administer the Estate. What is a Grant of Administration? A Grant of Administration is a legal document granted by the Surrogate Court when an individual dies without a Will. It validates the authority of the individual applying for it to act as the Personal Representative of the Estate of the deceased individual and gives them the authority to administer the Estate. What exactly does "administering" an Estate mean? The duties of a Personal Representative, whether it be under a Grant of Administration or a Grant of Probate are governed by the Estate Administration Act, S.A.... Read more


What Is A Paralegal Anyway?

A paralegal is an individual with formal education as a legal assistant, but with a specialized skill for drafting legal documents and conducting research. A paralegal is not qualified to provide legal advice... Read more