Show Me the Money!

AzPerLegal Services is not only a paralegal firm! It is also a licensed, insured and bonded debt collection agency. What does this mean for you? This means that we provide you with the best and most efficient service from start to finish.

Let’s face it – the last thing you want to do as a business owner is spend time trying to collect on overdue accounts/receivables. This where we come in. Realistically, if an account is approaching 60 days due, there is an issue with obtaining payment. The sooner you call us, the more effective we can be in collecting on this debt.

AzPerLegal does not operate like a typical debt collection agency. We assess each client – each file on a case by case basis. You may have some accounts that are fairly small and some that are quite large. We like to look at each file to determine the feasibility of collecting on same and our fee in relation to that collection.



Fee Schedule

In all cases, issuance of demand letter $175.00 plus disbursement and GST
If recovery on demand letter of between $0 and $1000 25% of recovery
If recovery on demand letter of between $1001 and $5000 20% of recovery
If recovery on demand letter of $5001 and up 15% of recovery

***Services under demand letter include numerous communications, arranging for payments and delivery of payments through to conclusion of matter***

What happens when all attempts at collection prove to be unsuccessful?

That is where our expertise as a paralegal firm comes in. The principal of AzPerLegal, Christine Herrington, enjoys 30 years of litigation experience and is well versed in the Alberta Court of Justice process. If the debt is sizeable enough to warrant civil litigation, we will complete the appropriate documents to commence your action.

We will manage your file in terms of filing and serving all documents, appearing as agent in Court and continuing to facilitate a resolution. Often, when a business or individual is served with a Civil Claim, they realize the serious consequences and will then come to the table, so to speak.


“Christine is professional and fun to work with…”

“My wife and I had a call with Christine for our Will and Power of Attorney. Christine is professional and fun to work with, she really made everything easy to understand and the meeting was a breeze!”