How to Navigate Landlord-Tenant Disputes with Paralegal Assistance

Calgary’s rental market has shifted over the last few years as a result of the shifting economic times this country is experiencing. With increasing rent prices, high demand and low supply, landlord and tenant disputes in Calgary have become more frequent. If not handled correctly, such disputes can escalate quickly, leading to unnecessary stress, financial losses, and legal complexities. This is where the guidance of a seasoned paralegal becomes invaluable. Common Landlord and Tenant Disputes in Calgary Before knowing how a paralegal can assist, it is essential to learn some of the common issues leading to landlord-tenant disputes.  Rent and Security Deposit Issues: Disagreements over late payments, deductions from security deposits, or rent increases are very common, especially with rising interest rates and increased mortgage payments leading to increased rent.  Lease Terminations and Evictions: The process and grounds for terminating leases o evictions can be a significant point of contention.... Read more

Uncontested Divorce Paralegal

Uncontested Divorce – Do You Need a Lawyer, or Can a Paralegal Be a Better Choice?

An uncontested divorce, also referred to as a “desk divorce”, means that both parties wish to divorce and are agreeable to the terms of the divorce. An uncontested divorce is a more straightforward... Read more

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How Paralegal Will Services Can Help You Avoid These Common Mistakes When Making a Will

Creating a will is a crucial step in ensuring that your assets are distributed according to your wishes after you pass away. However, the process is not without its pitfalls, and it is... Read more

Canada Day

Canada Day: A Testament to Our Nation’s Freedom & Inclusivity

As Canada Day approaches, AzPerLegal Services wants to take a moment to appreciate the essential role our nation's laws play in protecting our citizens. Our laws, constantly evolving, have been shaped to protect... Read more

Female Taking Paralegal Services in Calgary - AzPerLegal

The Significant Role of Paralegal Specializations & Litigation Support in the Legal Field

The legal profession is a complex and dynamic field, requiring a wide range of expertise to effectively represent clients and navigate the intricacies of the law. While lawyers are the face of legal... Read more

Paralegal Shows Estate Documents

Estate Documents – Naming your Representatives

Believe it or not, this can be the stumbling block for individuals when preparing Estate documents. Estate documents typically consist of a Personal Directive (Living Will), Enduring Power of Attorney and Last Will... Read more

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Why I Do What I Do

I grew up with aspirations to become a lawyer – I wanted to help people and right the world of all the wrongs – high aspirations!! When I graduated from university, I decided... Read more


To Sue or Not to Sue? Things to Consider

What to do? What happens when you are faced with having to sue someone?  The question is should I or shouldn't I?  These are emotional situations but your decisions should not be based... Read more


Keeping Your Corporation Current – Filing Your Annual Returns

You are the proud owner of a corporation, happily managing the day to day affairs. But are there are other things that you should be aware of? Section 268(1) of the Business Corporations... Read more


Part II: Incorporation- To Incorporate or Not to Incorporate. I am Opening My Own Business!!!

You have made the decision to be the entrepreneur you have always wanted to be, to start up your business and make your fortune. Congratulations!!! But now what? You are so excited but... Read more