Navigating the Waters of Corporate Law Requirements for Small Businesses

AzPerLegal Services Inc. enjoys CORES Level I and Level II Certification. This allows us to assist you in many areas of business/corporate law. We are able to prepare and file the legal documents required for incorporations of Alberta numbered and named corporations with or without Minute Books, yearly maintenance of those corporations for you from filing your Annual Returns to updating your Minute Books with annual resolutions. We can assist you with name changes, amendments, notices, corporate dissolutions, revivals and much more. We are also able to assist you with extraprovincial registrations, tradename and partnership registrations.


Alberta Corporate Matter Fees.

Incorporation of numbered company $600.00
Incorporation of numbered company with Resolutions and Minute Book $825.00
Incorporation of named company $655.00
Incorporation of named company with Resolutions and Minute Book $980.00
Annual Return $175.00
Annual Return with Resolutions $275.00
Name Change (Articles of Amendment), with Resolutions $400.00
Notices $50.00
Corporate Dissolution $175.00
Revival $525.00
Certificate of Status $75.00
Corporate Search $25.00
NUANS Pre Search $12.00
NUANS Name Reservation $50.00

Extra Provincial Corporate Fees.

Extra-Provincial Registration into Alberta $540.00
Extra-Provincial Registration from Alberta
Price excludes filing fee for applicable province
Continuance to another Province (letter) $275.00
Continuance into Alberta $675.00
Annual Returns/Annual Reports to applicable provinces $540.00

Trade Name, Partnership, and Limited Liability Partner Fees.

Alberta Limited and Limited Liability Partnership $250.00
Alberta Limited and Limited Liability Partnership Amendments $215.00
Alberta Limited Partnership Annual Reports $140.00
Trade Name/Standard Partnership Registration $85.00
Trade Name/Standard Partnership Dissolution $50.00
Trade Name/Partnership Name Search $25.00

Corporate Governance – Maintaining Your Minute Book

Incorporating your business not only entails filing annual corporate income taxes, but also maintaining the status of your corporation with Alberta Corporate Registry. This is accomplished by way of filing corporate annual returns with Alberta Corporate Registry and preparing annual resolutions. Filing annual corporate income taxes and filing corporate annual returns are two very different things, but both are vital to a corporation’s survival.

AzPerLegal takes the fuss and bother of filing annual corporate returns out of your hands by filing these on your behalf and by ensuring that your Minute Book remains up to date in terms of preparing what are called “annual resolutions”. These are documents that must be prepared and filed in your Minute Book each year or when there is a significant change in the structure of your corporation such as adding/removing a director, adding/removing shareholders, issuing/transferring/buying back shares. AzPerLegal is highly qualified in this area and welcomes the opportunity to assist you to maintain your Minute Book.


You are asking, what to you mean by maintaining the Minute Book or even do I need a Minute Book? I never got one when I incorporated!

A Minute Book, for lack of a more sophisticated description, is like a scrapbook of the history of your corporation. The Minute Book contains the original incorporating documents, registers of who the directors, officers and shareholders are, what shares have been issued, the transactional history of those shares (i.e. if they are transferred, sold etc.), director resolutions and shareholders resolutions and ledgers for the shareholdings of each shareholder. What are resolutions, you ask? Resolutions are often prepared in lieu of minutes of meetings and are an easy way to record the transactions/changes in a corporation. I often say if you are not sure whether what you are doing with a corporation is a Minute Book matter, just call. We do not charge for phone calls – just ask “Is this a Minute Book thing?” and we can assist you. There are some things that must be papered with resolutions while others not so much.

Why bother with maintaining a Minute Book? One very important reason, if you are ever audited by the government and you do not have a Minute Book or a Minute Book that is not up to date, you will be in hot water!! Rather than tempt that fate, please contact AzPerLegal and we will ensure that we create you a Minute Book or alternatively, bring your Minute Book up to date so this never happens. We will prepare you a physical Minute Book and if requested, can prepare you a digital copy as well. We are very experienced in this area and have updated/created many Minute Books. When in doubt, just call!

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