An Executor’s Checklist – The Responsibilities Of An Executor Of An Estate

Set out below is a very extensive checklist for the executor of an Estate. While many of these items may not apply to your situation, nor is there a strict requirement to follow this checklist, the checklist meant to assist you in what can seem an overwhelming responsibility. Preliminary Matters Locate and review the Will; review it for specific instructions concerning funeral wishes Make funeral arrangements, if necessary Obtain original copies of the Proof of Death certificate Assess the financial needs of immediate family members and of the estate Forward mail, discontinue telephone - cell and landline, television, newspaper, magazine subscriptions, etc. Contact all individuals with possible interest in the estate - set expectations and provide them with an overview of the process, from probate to distribution Arrange for care and adoption of pets - review the Will to determine if this has been addressed in the Will Safeguarding the... Read more


The Next Step When Your Loved One Dies

PROBATING THE ESTATE IF THERE IS A WILL ADMINISTERING THE ESTATE WHEN THERE IS NO WILL In Alberta, when an individual passes away, all of their financial assets are essentially “frozen” and access... Read more


What Is A Personal Directive (Living Will)?

The Personal Directive (commonly referred to as the Living Will) is a legal document which appoints an individual to make decisions on your behalf with respect to your personal care and medical care... Read more


What Is An Enduring Power Of Attorney?

An Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document in which you name someone whom you trust to take control of your financial matters when you are no longer capable of making financial... Read more


What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document which sets out your wishes with respect to the distribution of your estate upon your death. Your estate is comprised of your assets, for example, your personal... Read more