Uncontested Divorce

INFORMATION FOR UNCONTESTED DIVORCES Refer to ourDivorce & Family Law page for the definition of what a 'Uncontested Divorce' is? Often there are children involved in a divorce and the issue of child support must be addressed. Child support is governed by the Federal Child Support Guidelines. These Guidelines are determined by law and are strictly adhered to by the Courts. Spousal support may also be involved in your situation. Spousal support is determined by Spousal Support Guidelines. These Guidelines have been created by the opinions of law professors, lawyers and family law experts and are generally followed by the Court. We are qualified to assist you with determining the appropriate amount of child support and spousal support owing by one party to the other, we are also more than happy to explain to you and your spouse the process involved, so there is no added stress in an already emotionally stressful... Read more