Happy Holidays from AzPerLegal Services


Happy Holidays from AzPerlegal Services

The AzPerLegal team would like to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season and a Happy New Year. Since 2016, AzPerLegal has helped many Calgarians with paralegal and civil court agency services. We can continue to offer our services because of clients like you, and we are so thankful for your business. This time of year is all about connection, understanding, and warmth – values we hold dear in our everyday work.

Christine Herrington brings over 30 years of paralegal experience, making the complex world of legal services approachable and transparent. Christine’s journey is a story of passion and resilience from her early days of dreaming about law school to successfully assisting some of Calgary’s top lawyers. 

AzPerLegal’s Promise to You

This holiday season, we are reflecting on our promise to you – to offer affordable, high-quality legal services with a personal touch. We strive to cut through the legal jargon and make our services accessible, ensuring you feel fully informed and at ease.

The desire to connect directly with clients and make a tangible difference in their lives led Christine to leave the corporate world of law firms behind and to establish AzPerLegal. Her vision was clear – to demystify law, use plain language, and provide practical solutions. AzPerLegal’s approach is all about removing the intimidation factor from legal proceedings and focusing on the human aspect of each case. By starting AzPerLegal, she returned to her original aspiration of helping people, now with rich experience and a deep understanding of the law and the people it serves.

As we look ahead to the new year, we are reminded of this spirit of continuous learning and genuine passion for helping our clients navigate legal challenges with less anxiety and stress. Christine’s journey is a testament to the power of following one’s heart and using one’s skills to impact the world positively.

Happy Holidays!

From all of us at AzPerLegal, we wish you a holiday season filled with joy, peace, and some time to disconnect. We are thankful for your continued support and look forward to serving you in the new year. 

Warm wishes,

The AzPerLegal Team