How to Navigate Landlord-Tenant Disputes with Paralegal Assistance


Paralegal for Landlord and Tenant Disputes in Calgary

Calgary’s rental market has shifted over the last few years as a result of the shifting economic times this country is experiencing. With increasing rent prices, high demand and low supply, landlord and tenant disputes in Calgary have become more frequent. If not handled correctly, such disputes can escalate quickly, leading to unnecessary stress, financial losses, and legal complexities. This is where the guidance of a seasoned paralegal becomes invaluable.

Common Landlord and Tenant Disputes in Calgary

Before knowing how a paralegal can assist, it is essential to learn some of the common issues leading to landlord-tenant disputes. 

  • Rent and Security Deposit Issues: Disagreements over late payments, deductions from security deposits, or rent increases are very common, especially with rising interest rates and increased mortgage payments leading to increased rent. 
  • Lease Terminations and Evictions: The process and grounds for terminating leases o evictions can be a significant point of contention.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Disputes often arise when there is a discrepancy over who is responsible for repairs or when maintenance is not conducted timely.
  • Property Damage: Disagreements over damage to the property and who should cover the costs can be challenging to resolve.
  • Breaches of a Lease Agreement: Issues such as unauthorized pets, subletting without permission, or other breaches can trigger disputes.

The Role of a Paralegal in Resolving Landlord and Tenant Disputes

With a solid understanding of the rights, responsibilities, and legal procedures involved in landlord-tenant relationships, a paralegal can play a pivotal role in mediating and resolving such disputes.

  • Drafting and Reviewing Agreements: A well-drafted rental or lease agreement is the first step in avoiding potential disputes. A paralegal can assist in ensuring all terms are transparent, fair and in compliance with the Residential Tenancies Act.
  • Educating Both Parties: A paralegal can educate landlords and tenants in Calgary about their legal rights and responsibilities, ensuring that both parties operate from a place of knowledge to meet their obligations and ensure their rights are not being violated. 
  • Agency Representation: If the dispute escalates to court or to the Residential Tenancies Dispute Resolution Service (the RTDRS), a paralegal can represent either party, ensuring the case is presented clearly and professionally.
  • Staying Updated with Regulations: Rental laws and regulations change. A paralegal stays informed of these changes, ensuring any advice given is current and compliant.

Why AzPerLegal Services?

At AzPerLegal Services, we recognize the intricacies of landlord and tenant disputes in Calgary. With Christine’s 30 years of experience, having worked in large law firms and being educated in legal processes and procedures, we are well-equipped to provide unparalleled guidance. Our goal is to ensure that these disputes are resolved amicably, protecting the rights and interests of our clients.

While disputes are an unfortunate reality of the current rental landscape, they do not need to escalate into more significant conflicts. With the assistance of a seasoned paralegal like those at AzPerLegal Services, navigating landlord-tenant disputes can be streamlined, ensuring peace of mind for all parties involved. Learn more about our landlord and tenant dispute services here

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