Estate Documents – Naming your Representatives

Believe it or not, this can be the stumbling block for individuals when preparing Estate documents. Estate documents typically consist of a Personal Directive (Living Will), Enduring Power of Attorney and Last Will and Testament. The Personal Directive (Living Will) is a legal document that is in effect while you are alive but no longer capable of making personal/medical decisions for yourself. This is the end of life document – the one that says "if the body is chugging along, but the brain is gone, let me peacefully but let me die pain free". The Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document that is in effect while you are alive but no longer willing, capable (whether physically or mentally) or simply, no longer want to, manage your financial affairs. Once you pass away, both of these documents become null and void. There are two types of Personal Directives and... Read more

Paralegal Services

Why I Do What I Do

I grew up with aspirations to become a lawyer – I wanted to help people and right the world of all the wrongs – high aspirations!! When I graduated from university, I decided... Read more


To Sue or Not to Sue? Things to Consider

What to do? What happens when you are faced with having to sue someone?  The question is should I or shouldn't I?  These are emotional situations but your decisions should not be based... Read more


Keeping Your Corporation Current – Filing Your Annual Returns

You are the proud owner of a corporation, happily managing the day to day affairs. But are there are other things that you should be aware of? Section 268(1) of the Business Corporations... Read more


Part II: Incorporation- To Incorporate or Not to Incorporate. I am Opening My Own Business!!!

You have made the decision to be the entrepreneur you have always wanted to be, to start up your business and make your fortune. Congratulations!!! But now what? You are so excited but... Read more


Part I: Sole Proprietorships- I am Opening My Own Business!!! To Incorporate Or Not to Incorporate

You have made the decision to go it on your own…to strike out on your own path and make your fortune. Congratulations!!! But now what? You are so excited but now all of... Read more


I am the Personal Representative of an Estate. Can I Pay Myself?

There is no question that taking on the task of a Personal Representative is time-consuming and can be emotionally charged, depending on the complexity of an Estate and the personalities you are dealing... Read more


Administering The Estate – Protecting Yourself

A Grant of Probate and/or Grant of Administration is obtained from the Surrogate Court. A Grant of Probate is granted by the Surrogate Court when an individual dies with a Will in place.... Read more


What Is A Paralegal Anyway?

A paralegal is an individual with formal education as a legal assistant, but with a specialized skill for drafting legal documents and conducting research. A paralegal is not qualified to provide legal advice... Read more


An Executor’s Checklist – The Responsibilities Of An Executor Of An Estate

Set out below is a very extensive checklist for the executor of an Estate. While many of these items may not apply to your situation, nor is there a strict requirement to follow... Read more