Part I: Sole Proprietorships- I am Opening My Own Business!!! To Incorporate Or Not to Incorporate

You have made the decision to go it on your own…to strike out on your own path and make your fortune. Congratulations!!! But now what? You are so excited but now all of these questions about how you want to form and run your business are weighing you down and creating endless confusion and anxiety. To Incorporate Or Not to Incorporate One of the first questions is whether you should incorporate your business or not. One of the most common factors in determining whether you should incorporate is the profitability of your business. Typically, if your business nets over $30,000.00 annually, it is highly recommended that you incorporate your business. That is all well and good but how do you know whether you will be making that much off the bat? In some cases, people can make that determination, however, in a lot of cases, you can't. If you wish... Read more


I am the Personal Representative of an Estate. Can I Pay Myself?

There is no question that taking on the task of a Personal Representative is time-consuming and can be emotionally charged, depending on the complexity of an Estate and the personalities you are dealing... Read more


Administering The Estate – Protecting Yourself

A Grant of Probate and/or Grant of Administration is obtained from the Surrogate Court. A Grant of Probate is granted by the Surrogate Court when an individual dies with a Will in place.... Read more


What Is A Paralegal Anyway?

A paralegal is an individual with formal education as a legal assistant, but with a specialized skill for drafting legal documents and conducting research. A paralegal is not qualified to provide legal advice... Read more


An Executor’s Checklist – The Responsibilities Of An Executor Of An Estate

Set out below is a very extensive checklist for the executor of an Estate. While many of these items may not apply to your situation, nor is there a strict requirement to follow... Read more


The Next Step When Your Loved One Dies

PROBATING THE ESTATE IF THERE IS A WILL ADMINISTERING THE ESTATE WHEN THERE IS NO WILL In Alberta, when an individual passes away, all of their financial assets are essentially “frozen” and access... Read more


What Is A Personal Directive (Living Will)?

The Personal Directive (commonly referred to as the Living Will) is a legal document which appoints an individual to make decisions on your behalf with respect to your personal care and medical care... Read more


What Is An Enduring Power Of Attorney?

An Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document in which you name someone whom you trust to take control of your financial matters when you are no longer capable of making financial... Read more


What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document which sets out your wishes with respect to the distribution of your estate upon your death. Your estate is comprised of your assets, for example, your personal... Read more


Protecting Your Interests

DEBT COLLECTION HINTS Where to go from here? You have politely requested, threatened, begged and pleaded for repayment of monies rightfully due and owing to you, but nothing is working. I thought I... Read more